We are in the process of migrating from Microsoft Outlook for the Zimbra Web Client. One department of users came up with a list of features and/or functionality that they feel is missing in the Web Client. Included on that list were a) the ability to modify the subject line of an e-mail message; and b) the ability to modify the detail of an email message. Outlook allows you to do both. Although they appear to be using these "features" of Outlook for good reasons, in discussions with the IT department we have questioned whether these practices are legal and/or ethical (maybe these are too harsh of terms, but something just doesn't seem right about being able to do this).

So, my questions are:
1) Does anybody have any input on the legality, or whatever you want to call it, of these practices? Specific references to either side of the argument would be helpful.

2) Has anyone one else that has migrated users to the Web Client faced similar questions? If so, did you come up with any "work arounds"?

3) Are these things that might be added to a future release of Zimbra? I searched the forums and bugzilla, and didn't come up with much. I found one post in the forums asking about the ability to change the subject line, and the response was to create a RFE in Bugzilla. I didn't find any corresponding request in Bugzilla. Personally I'm not going to create the RFE's because I lean on the side that these "features" should not be allowed. However, I'm just curious if they might be coming.