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Thread: Allow single account to be domain admin over multiple domains

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    Default Allow single account to be domain admin over multiple domains

    Is it possible to setup multiple domains independent from each other but allow a single account to be Domain Admin over all of them?

    We have the situation where we want to allow a single admin control several domains on our Zimbra Server, but we do not want to let him have a full Admin account. We are currently setting up an admin account for each sub-domain and it seems wasteful of licenses and also a pain for him to have to logout / login over and over to access each domain he controls.

    Any ideas for a solution?

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    First, this question seem left unanswered for almost one year

    Frankly, I would love to see it in Open Source Edition of Zimbra but domain-level administration is only exist for Business Email Edition, Network standard Edition and Network Professional Edition. See Product Comparison Table -


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    Vote for / support ticket tag this RFE: Bug 5254 - Domain Admin can own multiple domains

    You might also be interested in the similar: Bug 5253 - Domain Admin should be able create sub-domains of the domain of which he is owner
    -Slightly different since delegated admins donít have rights to create a domain.

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