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Thread: OK, so I'm an idiot...

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    Unhappy OK, so I'm an idiot...

    After working hard to get a Zimbra server running, loving the product, and generally being happy...I did something dumb. I was curious about how secure my network was (Zimbra in particular) so I ran a full-on Nessus scan from the outside. And promptly blew up my server. Interestingly the only report item that seemed 'unsecure' was that an http directory didn't require authentication. I suspect that Nessus may have damaged something there.

    I did back up using Storix before testing, but the restore doesn't return me to a working Zimbra server.

    Tomcat/Apache seems to be running as it responds on port 443 from the outside. However no Zimbra screens are displayed. I get the same results when I try it inside my LAN.

    I've tried to restore the entire Logical Volume, /opt/zimbra directories and other combinations.

    I've been able to find my messages in the directories.

    I've re-installed Zimbra over the existing installation and it gave no errors.

    Zmcontrol indicates that Zimbra is happy with it's 'state'.

    Named seems to be working OK, and all my previous DNS work is still in place.

    "tomcat status" returns me to a prompt without showing any output.

    I realize I've caused my own problems but am asking for help in getting out of the hole I've dug for myself. Any input would be appreciated.


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    Have you looked at the restore process in the wiki?
    It works

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    I did try that with no success. I'm starting to think that Zimbra is OK but one of the dependencies is hosed. My plan is to rebuild the OS and then do an "over write" restore with Storix. I'll lose a few e-mails, but it's really the only option I see.

    That having been said if you have any recommendations on how best to pursue that option I'd be grateful.

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