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Thread: How do I change calendar ownership?

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    Default How do I change calendar ownership?

    I had a user who left our company but while she was here she created a calendar and shared it with most of the people she worked with. How can I transfer ownership of this calendar to someone else so they can share it will new staff.

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    Default Admin priviliges

    I don't think you can do this now. Can you file an enhancement request in bugzilla for this (moving entire folders between users)? We're going to support moving individual items between users for the 5.0 release (bug 7129), but moving entire folder hierarchies is not part of that bug.

    For now, can you grant someone admin rights on the calendar using zmprov and then just share the existing calendar with new staff?
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    Great. This sounds exactly what I've been looking for.

    Quote Originally Posted by dkarp View Post
    ...grant someone admin rights on the calendar using zmprov ...
    However, could you give us an example of what a command that grants "admin rights" on a calendar would look like?

    For instance, let's assume we want to grant admin priviliges to "jdoe" on calendar "holidays"?

    I've been perusing the docs and the wiki, and it's not that clear how to accomplish it, and considering the potential for trouble doing this by trial and error, I'd feel better seeing a working example first.


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    Default Adding admin rights to a calendar

    I've been looking into a similar problem because we're setting up a new installation and I want to share our meeting room resource calendars with everybody.

    The answer looks like using zmmailbox rather than zmprov.

    Through the cli, the following appears to work:
    mbox> aa admin MY_ADMIN_PASSWORD
    mbox> sm resource
    mailbox:, size: 0 B, messages: 0, unread: 0
    mbox> mfg /Calendar all r

    It's a little maddening because the help doesn't list what the acceptable values are for permissions, but they appear to be "r for read", "w for write" and "a (for admin?)", or any combination thereof.
    After setting the permission to "r", users were able to subscribe to the calendar.

    In your case, you probably want "raw".

    For command line use, the following also works for me.
    % zmmailbox -z -m resource mfg /Calendar all r

    Hope this helps!
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    Default And even more...

    Once you've shared your resource, you can automatically subscribe people to it!

    zmmailbox -z -m USER cm -V appointment -c purple /Central\ Boardroom resource /Calendar

    Very handy if, for example, you're writing a script to set things up for new users.
    It's much easier for a new user to ignore or delete shared resources they don't want then to find out what resources they should have and figure out how to add them.

    Now I just need an ics feed for Company Holidays and we'll be good to go.
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    The way we avoid this in the first instance is to create a non-human account to use for broadly shared calendars and contacts folders.

    Something like "" for example.

    Then, you can log in as the sharemonkey account and share out the calendars and contacts lists you need to.

    Sharemonkey's email can get forwarded to a real human if need be, but regardless, having a non-human account for these kinds of things means never having to worry about what happens when a key employee with a lot of shared items leaves.

    Hope that helps,

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