I see that Zimbra version 4.5.4 has been released today, and the list of bugs fixed in this release has me confused. This is specifically in regards to related bugs 6736 and 14961. Both of these bugs are marked as "fixed" in bugzilla. The last note on bug 6736 specifically mentions version 4.5.4. Yet when I look at the list of bugs fixed in 4.5.4 neither of these are included.

I'm not planning on upgrading my installation until this weekend, so I can't yet say one way or another whether these bugs are fixed or not. I'm crossing my fingers that these issues have been resolved in this latest release because this problem has really been bugging (pun intended) my users. I've been following these bugs and since I saw them marked as resolved and version 4.5.4 specifically mentioned I've been promising the users that it would be fixed soon.

If these bugs are fixed in this release great; if not can someone explain to me what's involved in getting a "fixed" bug into a GA release, and specifically when I might expect to see these particular bugs resolved in a GA release.