We're in the process of migrating to Zimbra, and moving our users from Outlook to the Zimbra Web Client. For a certain group of our users the biggest sticking point is that the ZWC does not work with the Microsoft Office function 'File --> Send To --> Mail Recipient'.

We are a wholesale distributor and this group of users logs into one of our vendor's system with proprietary software. They are then able to extract information about orders and shipments, and it automatically puts this information into a Word or Excel document. At this point they want to forward along this information to our customers, and are used to doing the one step File --> Send To --> Mail Recipient. They claim that within the group they do this process hundreds of times a day, and the extra steps of having to save the file somewhere and then go to ZWC to create a new e-mail message and attach the document is very time consuming.

I know this subject has been brought up before and there is an RFE (12845) to have the Toaster application handle this. However, there is no time-frame of when, or even if, this functionality will be added to Zimbra; nor do I expect any time-frame to be posted. I'm just wondering if any other Zimbra users have come up with any creative and/or innovative ways to handle this whether it be through some type of scripting, registry hacks, 3rd party apps, etc.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. If I can come up with a solution to this one I will definitely be the hero of the day