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Thread: Postfix RBL lists debug ?

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    Default Postfix RBL lists debug ?

    In our older postfix mail server we could see the connections that were dropped using RBL check lists, is this possible in Zimbra ?

    Found :

    Making Postfix daemon programs more verbose

    Append one or more "-v" options to selected daemon definitions in /etc/postfix/ and type "postfix reload". This will cause a lot of activity to be logged to the syslog daemon. For example, to make the Postfix SMTP server process more verbose:

    smtp inet n - n - - smtpd -v

    Will this work ??

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    Yes, however with some cavets.
    1) You'll need to edit /opt/zimbra/conf/
    2) We don't recommend editing the file. Any changes you make will not survive an upgrade.

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