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Thread: Help UNderstanding the implications of Virtual Domains

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    Default Help UNderstanding the implications of Virtual Domains

    I need some help understanding the implications of using virtual domains. Our goal is to have all users be able to share documents (and possibly resources) regardless of the domain they belong to. Right now we can share calendars just fine, but users are always asked for a network username and password before accessing documents and images are not working properly.

    We have the server available at the primary domain Additional domains have been added and given virtual domains - etc.

    We are consistanly having the issue about when users are accessing documents, both at the same domain and at other domains. Images are broken, links require another password entry using the complete username.

    When the server was deployed we used a FQDN like, when we went into production we used the with virtual setups. I don't believe that should matter however.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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    Question Same question here


    Did you ever get an answer to this?

    Robert Canary
    OCDirect Electrical-Datacomm

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    When you say new user name/password credentials are required is this a Zimbra ID or a Windows share ? If you are accessing other servers that require authentication then that is a problem outside of Zimbra, and could be a AD problem if your using that.

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