One of our users has had their username changed. When the account was switched over the all the entries in the user's calendar seem to have been switched to read-only or something. All entries are uneditable and say NULL when you click on them to edit. The titles in the calendar display fine, but you cannot edit them. New entries are editable and they work fine

I was able to recreate this problem myself. I did the following:

-make a new account
-create calendar entries in new account
-rename account in admin console
-test calendar entries(They will be uneditable)

I tried renaming the account back to the original name and went back in. All calendar entries appeared as before and were editable and appear totally normal.

When you go into the renamed account with the unusable calendar the organizer is still shown as the old username. I'm thinking that when the calendars are created the organizer is the only one who can edit them. When you change usernames Zimbra doesn't do it's homework and go through the calendar to change the names.

Anyone else having this problem or have a way to fix it? I really don't want to go through this user's calendar manually and recreate all of the entries. I've got a support request in, but no response yet. I'll let you guys know if I have any luck fixing this.