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Thread: Change SMTP greeting

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    Default Change SMTP greeting

    I'm planning to change the SMTP greeting postfix makes for compatibility reasons with some of our firewall software for external email.

    Will this cause any friction with Zimbra?

    And while I am asking, does anyone know where Postfix keeps its default greeting? I have had a hunt around but I haven't come across it yet. Many thanks.

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    To answer my own question, changing the SMTP banner greeting does not break Zimbra, for those of you who want/need to do this.

    It's achieved by opening the postfix configuration file located in the place where you have stored your Zimbra install directory and adding the following line...

    smtpd_banner = $myhostname *Your text here*

    Obviously you replace the *Your text here* bit with what you want it to say.

    Some important things to remember...

    1. An overly long SMTP greeting has been known to break other MTA's when they try to talk to it.

    2. The $myhostname bit needs to come first before anything else and if removed will break the RFC standard and stop Postfix from working properly. It puts your hostname in the line.

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