I know that there is already an RFE in bugzilla to add more flexibility to the "Out of Office / Away" message functionality. However, it doesn't look like this added functionality will be around any time soon and I'm wondering if anyone has come up with any tricks, either in Zimbra or outside the software, to accomplish some of these things that may be coming in the future. Specifically I'm looking for the ability to auto-reply to every message that comes in to a certain e-mail address.

We have several generic e-mail addresses, like sales@domain.com, purchasing@domain.com, etc. For a lot of these addresses e-mail sent to them just gets forwarded along to a real person, or group of persons. However, for a few of the addresses we have what we call "e-mail stations", which are basically PCs setup to run Outlook only. People check these stations throughout the day, and handle the e-mails accordingly. We have Outlook on these stations setup with a rule to auto-reply to every incoming message with something like "Thank you for your inquiry. We will respond to you shortly." I know we can continue to use Outlook for these accounts, but we are trying to rid ourselves of Outlook as much as possible, and this one sticking point.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.