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Thread: old backups from 4.0.5_GA taking up too much space!

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    Default old backups from 4.0.5_GA taking up too much space!

    I'm currently running 4.5.2 network edition.

    When I upgraded from 4.0.5 to 4.5.0 over a month ago I noticed the upgrade script created a /opt/zimbra/backup/4.5.0_GA/4.0.5_GA-5.2 folder.

    This appears to be a backup of the backups (I assume in case something went horribly wrong?) and is quite large. This has basically doubled the size of the backup directory.

    Does anybody know if I still need this folder or can I remove it? I'm not sure if it will affect restoration of my current backups at all. I would rather it not be there if its no longer necessary.


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    Assuming that your system is working OK (backup is running OK and you're happy with it) and you don't need to revert then you can delete that extra directory.


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