Hopefully a relatively easy question. Way back over a year ago when I first installed Zimbra and got to the configuration steps I basically took the defaults for most of the settings. Doing this setup the email domain as 'hostname.domain.com', instead of just 'domain.com', which is what I really wanted. I can't even remember what I did at the time to change this, other than getting some help from the forums. One thing I did not do, which I probably should have, was wipe everything out and start from scratch. I got everything working fine, continued testing, and have now been in production for the last few months. The only thing is every time I do an upgrade the admin email address for notifying Zimbra of the upgrade, etc. shows up as admin@hostname.domain.com. (I have a feeling this address may also be used somewhere else that I'm not aware of.) This is really just an annoyance to me, and shame on me for waiting until we were in production to address it, but now I just want to fix it. I didn't see any place in the Admin console to change this, and I didn't find any 'zm' commands to change the address, although I may have missed something. I did find the address in a couple of files in /opt/zimbra/conf directory, but didn't want to just go an edit files without knowing the consequences. So, can anyone tell me how or if I can change this address?