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Thread: Open Source on Fedora 6 Random Server Crash

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    Question Open Source on Fedora 6 Random Server Crash

    I have a Fedora 6 server (Xen DomU) running the open source version of Zimbra. The installation was relatively painless and the configuration once the platform was installed was a breeze. The problem is that the server inexplicably crashes multiple times a day.

    These crashes typically result in the system being unresponsive in every respect and cause me to have to destroy the xen server session and start it again. Once running, it work great right up until the next crash which occurs anywhere from 2 - 10 hours later.

    The Xen machine has 1256 MB of memory allocated to it and is running on a 2.8 Ghz 32-bit CPU.

    I have scanned the Tomcat logs underneath Zimbra as well as the maillog and the messages log and I have not been able to find anything obviously sinister.

    Anyone out there seen this type of behavior before?


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    Did you take a look at the catalina.out log located in

    When ever tomcat crashes, it will write it in there until you restart it.


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    The problem seems to be that when the system goes, it is completely unresponsive. I have the forcibly restart it to get access to it. As a result, the catalina.out file is overwritten .

    I appreciate your response. Is there anywhere else I should be looking for evidence?


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