I'm going to try to explain this the best I can, so bare with me please. I have a domain that I set up on my zimbra server called somedomain.com and the somedomain.com is being hosted by godaddy. Email is also being hosted by godaddy and on the zimbra server. I'm setting the users up one at time with pop 3 pulling their email from godaddy to the zimbra server. Iíve got dns set up internally for the somedomain.com and tried to get it to use the mx records from godaddy. Everything looks good with the dig somedomain.com MX command. I want the emails sent to somedomain.com to go to godaddy first and then it can get pulled with the pop 3 settings from my zimbra server. The reason I want this is because everyone is not going to be set up on the same day, so the people that haven't been set up yet will still receive emails from my users set up on the zimbra server. The problem is that the emails sent by my zimbra users are not reaching my users that haven't been set up on the zimbra server because they are still on godaddy until I can change them over. So basically I have the same domain set up my zimbra server and godaddy both hosting email. I want godaddy to have priority over my zimbra server, but my zimbra server thinks it's got higher priority.

Please help.