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    Hi, I'm in the process of evaluating Zimbra. I would like to replace my existing Exchange server.

    I have a quick question about privacy. I gave a look to the administrator console and I was able, by using the administrator login, to browse inboxes of every users without knowing the password.

    This is probably due to a bad configuration of my test environment given my poor knowledge of the system.

    I couldn't found references on the subject but I refuse to think that this is the correct behaviour. There must be a way to crypt the email boxes such that no one can whatch personal items.

    Can someone point me on the correct configuration pattern?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome to the forums.

    That is the current behaviour, mailboxes are viewable by the admin. Have a look in bugzilla, I think there's a couple of RFE in there for changing that behaviour. Vote on any items that apply to this.


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    Though the potential for abuse exists, there are legitimate reasons for allowing an admin to read others' messages.

    Some companies actually audit the messages being sent and received by their employees for valid reasons (suspicion of corporate espionage, violation of email policy, etc.). I see nothing wrong with such policies so long as the employee is aware that their work-time messages are company property.

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    This "feature" saved me LOADS of work over the last week after recovering from a backup job that had issues (didn't fail just caused parts of messages to be unavailable)

    I run the open source edition at this point though so this shouldn't be an issue with NE.
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