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    Any1 have same problem with me?
    i can reveice incoming email, but when i try send email to out side, it stuck in deffered tab. any idea how to solve this problem?

    in mail deffered (mail queue) : origin ip is :


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    There can be many reasons why the mail is stuck in the deferred wueue. Have you searched the forums and tried some of the solutions? Does your system have correct DNS A & MX records? Does it also have a correct /etc/hosts file?


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    Take the following steps...

    1. Make sure your mailserver is not sitting on an IP address that is in a real time black hole list such as Spamcop, Spamhaus, etc. If it is see the relevant websites on removing the IP address.

    2. Make sure your public IP address is not designated to the public use category. By that I mean make sure your ISP has not designated it as being an IP that is to be used by home broadband users and so on that should not be relaying email directly from their own computers. You can often speed this process up by interrogating the RBL to see if its there as this blocks those IP addresses.

    If your IP address is listed in this category then you might as well pack up and go home because few people are going to accept your mail. Or you can seek a non home use designated IP address from your ISP.

    3. Make sure DNS lookups are turned on in your Zimbra install. I encountered a weird problem a few days ago (Search my posts a few days back) where Zimbra stopped doing DNS lookups for some completely unfathomable reason.

    4. Make sure your servers DNS is correct in both the forward and reverse zones (In other words, the hostname resolves to the IP address of the mail server and that same IP address will resolve back to that hostname when a reverse lookup is made). Few mailservers will relay without a correct forward and reverse DNS entry.

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