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Thread: Admin login stopped working

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    Default Admin login stopped working

    Hi, For some reason, I can no longer login to the admin page anymore.
    I just get the following: Server Error Encountered"
    Also, /var/log/zimbra.log is now 0 bytes. It was logging before logrotate ran and made a compressed copy - zibmra.log.1.gz, which has plenty of entries.

    user emails are still working fine.
    platform is CentOs 4.4 on a Dell 1750 dual Xeon 3.0GHz w/2 Gb ram & 176Gb on raid 5 at only 9% disk usage. (hacked redhat-release file)
    tried admin page in both firefox & IE. Not running yum services as daemon
    tried resetting admin password, restarting services via zmcontrol and even rebooted the server.

    running zimbra Release 4.5.4_GA_763.RHEL4_20070326134650 RHEL4 FOSS edition

    Other than that little snafu, ZImbra rocks, it even works with my windows mobile PC phone seemlessly.

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    Nevermind, I figured it out.

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