i re-installed my Zimbra server (Network Edition) because of this problems. But now new ones occured

Before the server name was mail.*domain*.mine.nu
At the re-install i set it to zimbra.*domain*.de

The IP is still the same.

But now in the admin panel, there are 2 servers: mail.*domain*.mine.nu and zimbra.*domain*.de

I only can configure the last one, if I select the other one there appears:
Message:  Csfe service error
Code:  service.PROXY_ERROR
Method:  ZmCsfeCommand.invoke
Details:  error while proxying request to target server (url=https://mail.*domain.min.nu:7071/service/admin/soap/): mail.*domain.min.nu
The existing users are at the mail server mail.*domain*.mine.nu. I didn't find a way to change this to zimbra.*domain*.de

In outgoing mails, there is still zimbra.*domain*.mine.nu as sending server, but it should be the other one.