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    Default Global Address/Contact List

    I did a search in the forum for this and I found a thread that seemed to indicate that it is available within Zimbra. First let me explain what I need to do. We will be getting a very large list of contacts ( a dump from an exchange server ). These will not be (at least we do not want them to be) accounts in Zimbra. However we need to have the addresses in this list be part of the global address list.

    How do I go about including these contacts?

    One approach I thought of was to simple create a new user, add all of these as contacts for that user and then share the contacts with the GAL.

    PS I would rather script this as there will be a lot of entries to add. thanks
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    If you want exchange users, then odds are, they're active Directory users, right ?

    IF they are, take a look at this thread:

    And also do a search on AD GAL

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    I appreciate the help except we are constrained to only importing contacts from a csv file. There are political reasons they won't open their AD port so that we can use BOTH Zimbra and the AD for the GAL. We are just the integrating company the politics is between 2 entities that are slowing splitting.

    So my problem still exists. I have a large list of contacts/addresses that I need to add to the local GAL.

    Is my only option to set up another LDAP server with this new data and then configure the BOTH option for the GAL? I would have hoped there was a way of just placing them in the Zimbra LDAP server directly as contacts directly.

    any other options/suggestions?

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    just an idea, instead of setting up a whole secondary LDAP, why not to try just make some "ldif" files and import them from command line with "ldapadd".

    Anyway I feel with you.
    Using Zimbra 6 and still couldn't if there is some availability to add external addresses into the GAL.
    If not - than it should be renamed from Global ADDRESS List, to Global ACCOUNT list. Otherwise it is confusing :-)

    If there is an option how to add external adresses to the GAL, then please tell me. I searched, googled and didnt find other solution, than use some generic account with shared contacts for that.

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