Hi all

I have a strange problem with my aliases.

If have multiple domain names.
When I first set up zimbra, I configured everything with my ".be" domain. Some time after we got a ".eu" extension, and we decided to use this by default.
This was with version 4.0.3 I believe.

First I added the ".eu" domain in the admin console, then added aliases in ".eu" for all my accounts in ".be" (there where only a dozen or so, so it was OK).

It started to be annoying when I got more users to create, so I checked the wiki/forum and found the article about domain aliases.
I added this alias, and everything was perfect for some time.

I could still create aliases to my users in ".eu", and that was great because I wanted them to be able to login with this domain name.

I upgraded to 4.5.3 some weeks ago. Since then, I cannot create aliases in ".eu" anymore. The "domain.eu" is not in the list when I try to create an alias !
It is not in the list of my domains in the admin console either. I I try to add it there, I get a "Domain already exists" error !

I checked with zmprov, and the ".eu" domain is still there as an alias to my ".be" domain.

What I really need is the ability for users to log in with the ".eu" extension, otherwise they don't understand why they have an address in ".eu" and a login in ".be" !
How can I go back to the old behaviour ?

Note than the old user aliases in ".eu" are still there under the "aliases" menu ! I just can't create new ones anymore !

Thanks a lot for helping !