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Thread: Multiple Email Addresses

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    Unhappy Multiple Email Addresses

    Hi All,

    Down to my last 20 days of a Zimbra trail, and have hit a snag

    My problem is this; I currently use an external openldap server for all my email addresses and auth of the users, but I need to add multiple email addresses to some uses. No problem here, as I just add another entry for email and enter the new email address. Sounds simple, yes that however is not the problem.

    The problem is, when a user opens the GAL to sent an email to that person, they can not select the new email address.

    As you can see from my screenshot, I have two email addresses for this person, but I cant select which one to send it to. What is going to happen I want to list all the emaill addresses for each user who is on a different domain on the one server, as I understand you cant read an internal and external GAL together, so I would list all the email addresses in my primary extrernal LDAP server to get around this problem.

    So does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to get around this issue ?


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    That (obviously) pulls with GAL. Any stuff that's not in there (incl other e-mail addresses) won't appear.

    I think perhaps that even if multiple e-mail addresses existed in the GAL for one user, I think our UI can only pull one.

    Can you file an enhancement to pull more than one address from the GAL (if possible).

    If I'm wrong, someone smarter than me will close it, and flame me in an e-mail

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    Thanks, I'll file an enhancement request.

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