We are considering installing an LDAP server on another machine to be used to augment our GAL. We have a list of contacts that we need to treat as external recipients (they cannot have accounts). We have these people in a data file and there is NO WAY to access the AD/LDAP server they were exported from. So what I need to do (and I am a newb to LDAP ) is setup an ldap instance with the data we have in the csv file. We will then change the GAL configuration for teh domain from internal to Both and then add this LDAP server.

My question is what is the structure (if that is the right word) in LDAP I need to coerce this data into so that it is picked up by the GAL?

Or is it a matter of setting the proper filters etc in the configuration to pull what you want? If so I still need to know the internal attributes etc that need to be assigned data so that things are picked up.

Is what we need to do possible or has been done before?

Any and all help is most appreciated!


Doug Lochart
Cape Computing Corp