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Thread: sieve filter tweak

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    Unhappy sieve filter tweak

    Hey guys,

    Let's say I have a sieve script for a given zimbra account that puts some mail into a folder named "new_folder". Is there a way to trigger some outside process every time a new message is put into "new_folder"? Like, say, Every time a condition to put a mail into "new_folder" is true, the sieve script calls some function to put that same mail piece into a system wide directory on the system (say "/usr/var/anything"). Or maybe sieve can do it itself without any help from outside functions (which I doubt it can).

    Any help appreciated.


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    Not currently. There have been several discussions about allowing customers to write scripts or plugins that get triggered on system events, but so far there's nothing in place. The only thing I can recommend is to write external code that polls the folder via either the SOAP or REST API, detects a new message, and then does what it needs to do.

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