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    Talking Zimbra Mapi/GoodLink

    THIS would be the killer app!!! Guys - Is this really going to happen? I'd love to be on the beta list for this one! I have my hand on the Good install trigger!

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    Question Zimbra Mapi/GoodLink??

    What does Goodlink provide? With the combination of IMAP/IDLE (for folder sync.) and Sync ML (for contacts and calendar synchronization) it seems to me that's pretty much what I need for mobile users. Is there something that Goodlink provides that I'm missing?

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    GoodLink provides the following benefits (BTW: I don't work for them - we have implemented their product at dozens of clients and use it internally ourselves). Here is my "top 10":

    1. No need to open inbound firewall ports
    2. End to end AES encryption without configuration overhead (managing digital certs, vpn, etc)
    3. No need for device authentication or IP settings (built into Good's transport).
    4. Real-time two-way sync (no reconciliation) - inbox, calendar, contacts, etc. Also - access to shared contacts is a huge plus (pub folder contacts in Exchange if you use Exchange).
    5. Easy to use interface that is the same on all devices.
    6. Ability to distill attachments without having to download them. There is an option to download but you need a viewer like Docs To Go on Palm devices to view the docs. If using Pocket PC then native PocketPC apps work (Pocket Word, Excel, etc).
    7. Ability to enforce password policies centrally (force complex passwords) and ability to remotely send a kill command to delete PIM data on device.
    8. Full calendar functionality with meeting requests, responses, rescheduling, etc.
    9. Can be deployed over the air
    10. Can push third party apps over the air.

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