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Thread: imap, outlook send/recieve button - not necessary, right?

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    Default imap, outlook send/recieve button - not necessary, right?

    I just want to verify/triangulate my understanding of how Outlook interacts with the Zimbra IMAP server. Here's what I believe is true:

    a socket connection is made between the client and server, and maintained over a certain timespan. When mail arrives on the server, then the headers get sent over through that connection, and Outlook will know, and notify the user of new mail. Therefore... there is no need to send and recieve... as long as that connection lasts?

    Say you set Outlook's "Server Timeout" setting to 10 minutes, and the user does nothing for 15 minutes continuously. The IMAP connection has expired, and the user "does" have to click send/recieve, right?

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    This is mostly because of Zimbra's push IMAP server.

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