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    Question Spam Training Question

    I've been putting any recognized SPAM in "junk" and have told my other users to do the same. Everything seems to be working fine but when I actually checked the account email for my spam learning account, I saw emails regarding only one user. They all say "Classified By: <user>" so I know it's at least checking this persons junk folder. I'm just wondering if I'm missing something or could it be that only one acocunt is training my spam _stuff_.

    Does this seem normal or is there any way I could force this from another account just to verify that it's working for all accounts?



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    Ok answering my own question ... some readin shows that simply putting the messages in the junk folder does nothing, they have to actually be marked as junk and will be moved into the junk folder upon doing so. After selecting all my junk material and putting into another folder, then labelling all of them as junk, everything appears to be registering properly

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