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Thread: Blackberry...synch contacts & calendar only?

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    Default Blackberry...synch contacts & calendar only?

    I have a user that just bought himself a Blackberry and he wants to synch with his Outlook calendar and contacts, but not email. From what I gather on here it will not work, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see what you guys say.

    Would it be possible to have a calendar and Contacts in a seperate PST file and then have him synch with that? From what I've gathered on the forums here Zimbra's ZDB files will not be picked up by the Blackberry synch software.

    Thanks for any help, any suggestions welcome. I haven't really tested this much as I wanted to do a bit of groundwork before I go and look like a moron

    PS: The Zimbra option to get NotifyLink will not work for me as it is not a company phone and the company will not pay for the service. I would have told the guy not to get a Blackberry too, but I didn't know he was getting it

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    AFAIK, the Blackberry piece of software (BlackBerry Desktop ?) is officially supported by the ZCO.

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