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Thread: Multiple logins to the same account?

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    Default Multiple logins to the same account?

    A few groups of my users want to be able to all be accessing one email account simultaneously. So far I don't see much in the way of problems as long as they are hitting Get Mail before they do anything, but there are some weird things that happen.

    Example, if you add or delete a contact in one session, on the other sessions if you go view the contacts they will display up to the point of the deleted one.


    If user A goes and deletes George, when user B goes into contacts they will only see Arthur and Bruce, even though Sally and Zordon are still there. Contacts will look normal to user A.

    It's functionality things like this that are going to stop me from giving these guys the go-ahead to do this. I was hoping you guys would have some other insights into this. Thanks for any help!

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    I think this is gonna be an issue for ya.
    This is because we cache a lot of stuff at login.

    It *may* be fixed in 5.0 because Conrad is changing the way we load information.

    You may want to wait for that, and see if it fixes your issue.

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