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Thread: IMAP subfolder creation and viewing between TB, Outlook & Zimbra webmail

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    HI All,

    Do anyone know if this issue has been addressed in the last 2 years?
    We just migrated to the open source edition of Zimbra, and just found out the folders migrated from the old system or created in the Zimbra web interface doesn't shows up in the IMAP account configured in Outlook 2007 unless the user manually subscribes to each folder or un-selects the "When displaying hierarchy in outlook, show only subscribed folders" for each account.

    It wasn't a problem with the same settings with our old system ( Sun Java System Messenger Express ), so this must be something not turned on on our Zimbra server..or maybe its not supported by Zimbra at all...

    Could you Zimbra Gurus enlighten me please?


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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    It won't show up until you subscribe to the folder.
    In outlook right mouse click on the folder where you know there are subfolders--choose imap folders. Type in the slot which says display the name (of the subfolder that you know is there from your raw or original email)--gmail or whatever it is where you see the folder name.

    All your subfolders will begin to show up.

    in the box put a check mark where it says displaying folders hierarch show subfolders--
    click okay and you should see subfolders showing up on the left side of your outlook.
    If you have adobe pro installed, you can save a pdf of any of those folders as backup email which can be sorted by date, author, or subject.

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