I've been testing out how what works and doesn't work when it comes to subfolders. My findings are below -- can others confirm the same phenomenon and or let me know if there's as way to make it more seemless?

So, here's a table and reads like this -- if I create a subfolder in Zimbra webmail, it won't show up in Thunderbird IMAP connection nor an Outlook IMAP:

created in 	 Thunderbird IMAP 	 Outlook IMAP 	 Outlook ZCS Connector 	 Zimbra webmail
Thunderbird IMAP       xxxxx                   Yes                Yes                 Yes
Outlook IMAP 	        No                     Yes                Yes                 Yes
Outlook ZCS Connector 	No                     Yes               xxxxx                Yes
Zimbra webmail 	        No                     No                 Yes                xxxxx
This might point out a known issue (or issues), but I'm not sure exactly what to search for in bugzilla.