A user just brought something to my attention. In the Zimbra Web Client, when looking at a calendar in "Month view" declined events show up just like all other events. If you mouse over the event it does show a pop-up of the event, with the declined status visible. If you change to another view, Week for example, the declined events show up, but they are "faded", for lack of a better term.

I can see the benefits of keeping the declined event in the calendar. You never know when plans can change and this allows you to go back and easily accept an event you've previously declined. However, the way it shows up in the Month view seems very confusing to me (as well as to the person who brought it to my attention).

Bug 16155 exists for this issue, although this person doesn't want declined events to be added to the calendar at all. (Still in "NEW" status although it was created a week and a half ago)

I guess I'm wondering if there is a reason for the way the declined events are showing up in Month view or is this truly a bug? Also, should another bug be created to change the view, as opposed to the bug noted above, which changes the way events are saved?