I'm setting up alias domains according to http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=ManagingDomains and everything works as expected.

The only problem is verification of users during the smtp-session. Lets say I've created master-domain.tld as a normal Zimbra domain, and alias-domain.tld as an alias for master-domain.tld.

Postfix rejects messages for nonexisting@master-domain.tld as it should, but it accepts messages for nonexisting@alias-domain.tld, and bounces it later, which is bad.

Are there any way to work around this behavior?

Manually adding user-aliases for every user in aliased domains is a no-go.

Would it be possible to get zimbra to handle domain-aliases by automatically by adding user-aliases (mail:/zimbraMailAlias: attributes in LDAP)?

/Claus A