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Thread: Changing user's domain

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    Default Changing user's domain

    I recently had to change the domain of my zimbra server running 4.5.4 on fc5. I have everything working fine, but I would like to move the user accounts as well. For example, my new domain is and my old one is I have an account and would like to change it to Is there an easy way to do this? The user actually has several mailboxes and filters so I'd like the easiest way to do it.



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    Never mind. I figured it out by simply modifying the user account in the admin console. I can't believe I spent almost an hour scouring the forums for something so simple.
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    You can also add one of the domain as an alias to the other.

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    I actually did that after changing the domain. I added an alias for the old domain so that all e-mails with old addresses will still be delivered. The main problem was for my wife and kids logging in and having to use the domain name.

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