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    Lightbulb some questions

    hey guys, i came accross this site through the sitepoint newsletter, and i must say that i am impressed, to the point where i am proposing this to be used in our organisation. I am working for a ISP, the sixth largest national network in south africa, and i am sure that you can understand that choosing a product to use accross our network is not that simple.

    Everybody who has demo'ed this so far is impressed, however, some questions do remain, maybe i missed it somewhere, but here goes:

    - Can we brand it, in other words put our logo on it and change colors etc. while of course still keeping your credits?
    - what are the restrictions in relation to offering this as a solution to our clients, we will never take away your credits, but what can/cant we do. like is there some costs involved in that?

    I will keep updating as i find out things, but so far it looks great man!

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    Glad you've liked what you see. Yes you may brand it as long as you keep our logo in place. There are no additional costs associated with the Open Source version.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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