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Thread: User can't edit Address Book Entries!

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    Maybe have a look at the CSV file in Notepad and see if it's different at the spot where the contacts become editable(23?). Do the contacts work if you setup her account in Outlook with the connector? If they still work there maybe it's something to do with the connector.

    If you still have her PST I'd just attach the PST to your Outlook and then export her contacts to a new PST. Then run the import wizard from Zimbra as the user and it should work fine.

    Outlook to Zimbra and Zimbra to Outlook anything can do some crazy stuff, so I'd just go with the flow and take the easy route I'm still a couple versions back though, so I don't have a right to complain really.

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    The Outlook exported file contained birthdays for all uneditable contacts of the form 0/0/00. Deleting those entries from the file allowed editing of the contacts.

    If we could get an error message, or a failure in the importing, that would be good for the future.

    Thanks to those who had suggestions for resolving this - it was a great help


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    I have raised Bug No. 16568 for this problem.

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