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Thread: Router port mapping & client login error

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    Default Router port mapping & client login error

    I'm using fetchmail to pull mail from our existing mail server while trialing Zimbra.

    I've also got webmail set up for the other server (using squirrellmail). While trialing Zimbra, I want to port forward port 2705 to port 80 on the zimbra box.

    So a user would use to access Zimbra externally. I get the login page ok but login fails, reporting a service error.

    I can set users to access via PPTP VPN for now, so it's not drastic.

    Has anyone else tried redirecting ports via a router to Zimbra? Security setting somewhere?

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    Default Test this

    After the login error, edit the URL in your browser (which probably says http://host/zimbra/mail) to read http://host:2705/zimbra/mail - does that give you the inbox?

    If so

    zmprov ms <hostname> zimbraMailPort 2705
    tomcat stop
    tomcat start

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    Ahh, that will probably be it.

    I'll check later and post back. Thanks!

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