Hi there,

I have a question about backup with a network edition.

I would like to create a little script that make the following command :
zmbackup -del 7d -t /data/zimbra-backup/
zmbackup -i -a all -t /data/zimbra-backup/ --zip (so if there is not a full backup detected the zmbackup will create it)

ok it's quiet simple : each time a fullbackup will be erased a new one will be generated... but just imagine the following situation :the full backup is the reference for several incremental backups... but if this full backup doesn't exist what is the interest to keep the incremental backups ? They are useless, aren't they ?
And I will have old-useless incremental backup and a new full which is the new reference !

May be there is an option for zmbackup -del that allow you to erase corresponding incremental backups... and may be I did'nt search enough !

So please if you have any clue... I can do it by my self (with a little perl script) if there is no solution

Excuse my poor english level !