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Thread: backups, and redo log file sequence numbers

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    Question backups, and redo log file sequence numbers

    the last job I was at, I remember the oracle dba said you had to be very careful with some of the oracle log files, which had a sequence number where you had to have a contiguous set for the backup to work.

    Is this the same idea with the zimbra redo log files? Currently, I have 646 101MB to 107MB redo log files, from xxxxxxxx-seq15.log to xxxxxxx-seq660.log. From a posting I've read (, ... "Every redo log file has a sequence number. For replay to work correctly, all redo logs that are replayed must have consecutive sequence without gap." What about a gap at the beginning? Am I screwed because I am missing seq1.log to seq14.log?

    Well, maybe I should just try it out, like try a restore with just xxxxxx-seq15.log and xxxxxx-seq16.log to see what happens.
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