Good stuff
-installation = easy after adding that missing zimbra user
-really good web interface
-search/tags etc. Lots of good comments from our staff
-adminstrative stuff

Bad stuff
-IE= broken and slow
-Opera = no go
-Safari = no go
-Firefox = some complaints of slowness from users. I didn't see any slowness
-missing shared folders

The test server is dual 2.3ghz G5 XServer with 3GB memory and hw raid disks. So I can't understand why the server feels sluggish sometimes. Must the Mac OS X server os. Also it is unusable due to problems with different browsers. The complaint of slowness is "page loads in 4 seconds, after logging in it takes 8 seconds to show that something is happening". However people really liked the tag/saved search stuff. They actually thought it was some sort of gmail system.

From admin point of view I couldn't figure a way to see how many users are logged in and what they are doing. Also some performance monitors would be cool to see what is happening with the server from the admin console.