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Thread: Enhancement Hacks - power of filters & always_bcc

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    Default Enhancement Hacks - power of filters & always_bcc

    Zimbra is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to some much needed enhancements but until then I thought I would share some of my simple/hacky yet effective steps I have taken to accomplish specific tasks.

    fyi: I'm running open source edition on Ubuntu 6.10 LTS, 40 Users (EDIT: 6.06 rather)

    "Archive All" Email Account
    always_bcc to an internal address in (search for always_bcc)

    Keyword review
    As a financial firm we need to have a method of flagging certain terms appearing in the body of e-mail for review. Using filters in my account I can create folders and tag items containing keywords in the body of the message
    Filters can be very powerful. My only wish would be to be able to setup procedural "groups" of filters so that I could use more powerful logical conditions.

    Internal E-Mail
    While the solutions I have seen for this involve a little too much customization for my taste (I hate it when upgrades break or remove functionality I added through hacking), I have a "good for the time being" solution for our interns here.
    ALL interns email address' maintain the same email naming convention as everyone else plus a ".intern" appended to the name (e.g. "John Doe"
    They are instructed to not send email to external accounts. has a filter that says the following

    if all of the following conditions are met, flag it
    From contains ""
    To does not contain ""

    I have to run now and get back to work but I thought I would share and hopefully get a thread going of similar tips / improvements to my own to help out fellow administrators.

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