Hi Guyes,

I am a newbie on this forum and OpenLdap. I have the following situation:
At the moment i have 4 zimbra servers GPL 4.0.3 in one Farm on Debian Sarge
1 Server ist LDAP, 1 Server is Store and Webinterface and two MTA Servers one with AV/AS and one without.

We are an ISP in germany and have roundabout 200 customers with 450 Mailboxes on this server. we are on the way to migrate to Ubuntu supportet network edition.

At the moment all works fine an here is my question.

We have other solutions that can authenticate against LDAP but some requires LDAP_v2.
Can i use the zimbra LDAP server as zentral authentication Server with bind_v2 support?

and how difficult is it to install a second zimbra LDAP server for replication / high avalibility?

thanks for any answers.

kind regards zlex