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Thread: Admin PowerTip: Mailbox.log

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    Cool Admin PowerTip: Mailbox.log

    mailbox.log: The King of Zimbra Log Files

    As many of our Administrators know, Zimbra Collaboration Suite logs just about everything. Once of the most integral is the mailbox.log located in /opt/zimbra/log . In this Administrator's PowerTip, we'll cover some common entries in the mailbox.log file, and what they mean.
    *Note- This is an administrator PowerTip intended for System Administrators of Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

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    Default mobile sync activity and mailbox.log

    I rely heavily on mailbox.log to trace user problems like "What happened to that mail message I received on such and such day", because mailbox.log shows any actions like: Message delivered to mailbox, Messaged moved to Folder, and Message deleted, regardless of the client that the user is using.

    Yesterday, I got one of those calls and mailbox.log showed the message was delivered to their inbox, but nothing else. After the user revealed that they last saw the message on their itouch, I checked the sync.log and after decoding its xml format, I determined that the message was moved to a folder.

    Shouldn't mailbox changes by a mobile client also be reflected in mailbox.log?

    If anyone agrees, I'll put in an RFE on this....


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