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    Default zimbra_posixaccount Admin Extension

    We found a problem with setting up the groups trough this extension.
    The problem is cosmetic and non functional.
    Cosmetic beacuse the UI ask for the Number UID when entering the members of the group, i think is easier to remember the usernames

    And is non functional because, in red hat at least, when you work with groups you need to enter the NAME no the uid number. This way the system resolve which are the members of the group.

    The UI extension does not let you enter text (the name of the users), only numbers in the member field, so i modified the file to let you enter the name, so everything works (for us at least).

    The file is: /opt/zimbra/tomcat/webapps/service/zimlet/zimbra_posixaccount/ZaPosixGroup.js

    i changed the line 315:

    {id:ZaPosixGroup.A_memberUid, type:_LIST_, ref:"attrs/"+ZaPosixGroup.A_memberUid, listItem:{type:_NUMBER_}}


    {id:ZaPosixGroup.A_memberUid, type:_LIST_, ref:"attrs/"+ZaPosixGroup.A_memberUid, listItem:{type:_STRING_}}

    Also i had to change the File: /opt/zimbra/tomcat/webapps/service/zimlet/zimbra_posixaccount/ZaPosixGroupXFormView.js

    the line 139:
    {ref:".", type:_TEXTFIELD_, label:null, onChange:ZaTabView.onFormFieldChanged,cssClass:"ad min_xform_number_input"}

    {ref:".", type:_TEXTFIELD_, label:null, onChange:ZaTabView.onFormFieldChanged,cssClass:"ad min_xform_name_input"}

    The problem with this last change is when i create a group with only 1 member and then i try to edit the group, Zimbra takes the name and split it by letters, so show every letter of the name as a member of the group.

    I hope Greg could tell me why.
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    Patricio Bruna

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