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Thread: gal search issue

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    Default gal search issue

    I am accessing my zimbra emails from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. I can reply to any emails but while I compose or forward any email none of the names are resolved. I believe GAL search is not performing. However when I access my emails from web client everything (GAL lookup including LDAP Directory) works fine.

    We are using Zimbra Network Professional version 4.5.3 and Zimbra connector for outlook ( File name : ZimbraOlkConnector-4.5.3_GA_731_4.5.168.msi)

    Can anybody suggest the same.

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    If you mean the GAL address are not showing in your Outlook then you should upgrade to the latest release of Zimbra & try again with the Outlook connector in that version. If that's not the problem then please describe what's happening and the steps you have taken to get the error.
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