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Thread: Can't open shared calendars/contacts/mailboxes

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    Default Can't open shared calendars/contacts/mailboxes

    Runing RHEL4 w/Zimbra 4.5.4

    We're hosting a domain for one of our clients, All the clients on that network are running Outlook 2003 SP w/the 4.5.4 OLK.

    I setup Efagan's root mail box to have the following users as reviewers

    I then setup Efagan's Calendars to give Editor access to

    When I tried to open the Mail box on Imelda's computer she didn't have any address books or global address lists. When I tried to go to tools -> Update Global Address List, there was no selection to Update the GAL.

    On Dorians computer's when I tried to go to File -> Open -> Open Other User's Mail box I get the following error
    "Failed to find Zimbra GAL in Address Book"

    When I went to her Calendars, then clicked "Open a shared calendar" the box shows up asking for Name:..... I click on name and get the address book. I'm then able to select the GAL and see all the Zimbra accounts for When I select Efagan's account I get the following error. Unable to display folder.

    Can you guys help me figure out what's going on? Calendar and Contact sharing were our main selling points to get these clients to use Zimbra.

    thanks in advance to everyone who replies and helps,

    -quick edit: I'm wondering if these problems could have anything to do with the fact that they're not running Office 2003 Fully. But rather, office 2000/XP and Outlook 2003 SP2? Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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