We have an external ldap which stores user and group accounts for our school. We also use a mailing list server which servers lists for our domain "@lists.oudomain"

Now, we'd like to make some groups inside zimbra in order to share calendars efficiently.

Problem is that these groups will be based on our ldap server, as for the mailing lists.

Example :
having groupA in ldap server, we'll get 2 mail addresses :
- groupA@lists.ourdomain
- groupA@ourdomain

I'm affraid that setting up groups inside zimbra will create a mess, users don't knowing to which address send their mails (it's important for us to keep the mailing list which has a lot of specific features).

Maybe a good solution would be to redirect mails for a group to the mailing list server but that's not possible via the admin interface.

Would anyone have a suggestion for my situation ?