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Thread: Are There Plans for M3 / RC1?

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    Default Are There Plans for M3 / RC1?

    Hi. I apologize if this has been asked previously (couldn't find anything related by searching). I'm currently doing a tiny test roll out with M2 (three of my users), and am planning on doing a wider test roll out in about a month. I've noted that the roadmap does not indicate any further releases prior to the GA, but to clearify (in the hopes of not doing a M2 deployment the day before M3/RC1), are there any plans for further releases before the GA next year? If so, are there any slated in "about a month"?

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    To be honest we are not sure. Ideally we'd just have a release early next year. That said we may decide to cut an M3/RC release in Dec just to get it out there. For the time being it's best to assume we won't have another release prior to GA, but things can change.

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