We are finally working on our off-site backup project, which will encompass Zimbra data as well as other user data.

Because we are required by our client to do a full backup of all data every three months, along with daily incremental backups, to the off-site location over the Internet, I am looking for ways to trim the size of the backup. One definite problem I can see is going to be the unique name of each Zimbra full and incremental backup. The off-site backup will try to copy these (large) data files and folders to the off-site location and it will take a lot longer than it would if it was just a differential / incremental backup of the same files.

So, I'm looking for ideas or suggestions for creating a workable off-site backup for the Zimbra data. One option may be to make a one-time backup of the current data and then duplicate all messages on the mail server to another server at our off-site location. Of course, this would not give us wiki, calendaring, and address book backups.

Has anyone else run in to this issue?