We have ZCS 4.5 Network edition installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux V4 and everthing seems to be working well with the exception of notebooks and documents. When we installed the product it did create the global documents account, but we are having various issues when we either try to create global documents or enable documents for a domain.

1. When ever we try and create a document or another notebook in the global document space we get an error message that the global templates are missing, but when you look at the documents tab it shows a folder named Templates.

2. When we try and setup documents for a domain when we click finish we get the following error message, but the password entered is greater than the minimum passowrd length set in the COS applied to the domain.

Message: invalid password: too short
Error code: account.INVALID_PASSWORD
Method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke

3. If we use zmprov to setup document for a domain it appears to run correctly (using the same password that errors out it the GUI) and the domain document account is create and documents appear to be activated, but the permissions set for this domain document space also now appear to have replaced the permissions on the global document space. Also any change we make to permissions on either the global document space or the domain document space seem to affect each other. As a note in the case of the document space the Templates directory is created and we do not get the error message about missing templates like we get for the global document space.

4. The creation of a domain document space and the associated domain document account appears to be counted against the license account number, but the global document account is not. This seems to be inconsistent?

We would really like to activate this feature for our customers, but given the above issues there is no way we can currently do that. Can anyone point in the right direction as to what we are missing or doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.